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        SCMC ABG Series-ABG6620B Paver


        1. German original 129kW Deutz electronic diesel engine, strong power, emission complies with Europe Ⅲ standard.
        2. Independent composite cooling system can be adapted to the ambient temperature of up to 45℃.
        3. Electronic paving management system based on CAN bus is simple and easy to operate.
        4. Anti-creeper can avoid screed plate climbing caused by temporary stop and ensure the same flatness of paving layer.
        5. Automatic leveling system has unique and multiple control methods with direct application.
        6. Quick-connect system makes the connection of the screed plate extension easier, faster and more accurate.
        7. Electronically controlled gas heating or electric heating system can quickly, evenly and accurately heat.
        8. The proprietary hydraulic telescopic double tamper screed plate can change the paving width instantly.