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        SCMC SUM Series-SUM7200B Paver


        1. Germany Deutz (Dalian) 142kW electronic injection diesel engine with strong power can meet the Europe Ⅲ / State Ⅲ emission standards.
        2. Independently driven composite cooling system can be adapted to the ambient temperature of up to 55℃.
        3. The operating system based on the control of the whole digital network is easy to operate diagnosis and maintenance. The console can switch the ECO economic power mode with one keyboard, and touch the switch of the outer platform.
        4. Automatic leveling system has unique and multiple control methods with direct application. Angle sensor can ensure the continuous proportion of scraper feeding. Ultrasonic sensor ensures continuous and stable feeding.
        5. Electronically controlled gas (electric) heating system can quickly, evenly and accurately heat.
        6. The proprietary hydraulic telescopic single tamper screed plate can change the paving width instantly.
        7. Load support can effectively prevent the deformation of the screed plate and ensure the same camber of paving layer.
        8. Super-long and large hopper with 15 tons can meet a variety unloading of dump trucks. The inversion of the scraper chain can solve the material jamming.