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        SCMC SUM Series-SUM8200B Paver


        1. It is equipped with a German Deutz (Dalian) diesel engine with strong power, rated power is 175kW, emission complies with China's third phase and the EU ⅢA phase.
        2. The efficient and powerful delivery and feeding system can accurately deliver the paving material to the desired location, and the continuous and steady material delivery ensures the high quality paving.
        3. A new generation SumEcs electronic paving management system has a good man-machine interface which can make the operation more intuitive, accurate and easy to control and achieve the perfect paving effect.
        4. It has a SMART economy energy-saving mode, power output automatically match the paving work load which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and meet the low-carbon green environmental requirements.
        5. Super rigid mechanical widening or hydraulic telescoping screed plate design has a variety of screed plate application options which can quickly complete the replacement of a machine double plate.