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      1. Rotary drilling
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        SDR220/280 Rotating drill


        1. Special lower chassis: dedicated extensible chassis can ensure transport convenience and working stability. Built-in hydraulic telescopic mechanism can ensure that the oil cylinder is well protected under the severe operation conditions.
        2. Optimized rotating platform: dual rotary motor reducer drive can effectively prevent the moving of the car on working and has excellent stability to the complex formation.
        3. Strong power system: American original imported engine has strong power, reliable and durable, good fuel economy and green environmental protection. The engine is side-placed so the maintenance is more convenient.
        4. Reliable hydraulic system: the hydraulic system uses load sensing or positive flow control with precise operation, energy-saving and efficient and can achieve flow distribution on demand. The key hydraulic components of the whole machine uses imported Rexroth and other brand-name products to ensure that the system is stable and reliable.
        5. Efficient working device: a unique slewing support structure can greatly improve the axial load capability of the power head. Heavy-duty shock absorber can effectively reduce the impact of power head. Power head third gear shifting control can meet the demand of torque and rotate speed in different working conditions, save construction cost and improve working efficiency.
        6. Practical winch system: large diameter polygonal line slot drum reduces the mutual extrusion of the steel wire rope and doubles the life of the steel wire rope. Rear winch can improve the stability and the stress state of the whole machine.
        7. Advanced electronic control system: the electrical system adopts CAN-BUS and PLC programming control system to monitor the whole machine in all aspects. It has the functions of manual and automatic adjusting verticality of the mast, displaying of drilling depth and rotating angle, warning and self diagnosis of the fault.
        8. Comfortable control environment: it is equipped with a fully-enclosed cab with air conditioning, the control environment is comfortable and spacious. Tables and chairs can be adjusted in all directions, based on the operation platform of ergonomics, the operation is convenient and flexible.