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               Mechanized Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to extend product services, refine markets, meet the needs of customers at different levels, and integrate effective resources. It is a comprehensive service enterprise mainly engaged in engineering construction, leasing, remanufacturing, spare parts sales, technical consultation of large-scale road surface construction machinery, processing and sales of road surface material.
              The company currently has more than 60 sets of large-scale pavement construction machinery including ABG8620 series pavers, road rollers, milling machines, asphalt mixing stations and various types of imported well-known brands, has professional construction qualifications issued by the national construction administrative department, and can be engaged in construction projects including airport, municipal roads, road and bridge construction, and road pavement. It has more than 50 senior and middle-level engineering and management personnel, more than 10 outstanding project managers, and more than 100 experienced and skilled excellent operators trained by the national professional certification organization. The company has the engineering management center, road machinery leasing center, operation management department, planning and finance department, ABG China Maintenance and Remanufacturing Center, offices and other departments.
              Relying on these resources, the company unites with many large construction engineering companies inside and outside the province to establish strategic cooperation relations, carry out road surface construction projects, provide customers with equipment selection, process design, production energy efficiency calculation, consultation and service of construction schemes, expand service areas to meet the different needs of customers, and provide customers with warm, thoughtful and meticulous service anytime and anywhere.
              Guided by the enterprise spirit of “persevering to create excellence”, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of “cooperating with users and all wise men of all parties with our sincere and diligent, and building the future together”, and the business policy of “emphasizing quality to benefit the industry, focusing on the time limit to win in the fast speed, and grasping management to improve efficiency”, persisted in carrying forward the fine style of “doing everything in order, taking care of everything during the service period, treating bad quality as enemies, and treating slow as shame”, and has won better social reputation and economic benefits, and has become a well-known construction enterprise and a strong construction strong force in Shaanxi province.

        Tel: 0086 29 82592168
        Mailbox: scmcdhb88@163.com